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The Boundaries, Book 1

Lexxie Couper

Published 2016 by Book Boutiques.

ISBN: 978-1-944003-43-2

Copyright © 2016, Lexxie Couper.

All rights reserved.


Old Earth

One year ago

From the open doorway of his bedroom, he watched them, his breath trapped in his throat, his pulse pounding in his neck.

Two bodies—blurred by the frosted shower screen, but still obviously male and female—moving together. The billowing steam filling the bathroom did little to hide their frenzied motion, nor did the jets of water spurting from the twin showerheads smother the sounds coming from their throats.

His blood roared in his ears and his hands curled into painful fists.

“Oh, yes!” The woman’s cries sank into his ear like a pike. “Yes, yes, yes!”

She writhed against her companion, her ass slapping against the man’s thighs in terrible rhythm with his bucking hips. There could be no denying what was happening behind that steamy, concealing glass. Even if nothing more than the outlines of their bodies was visible, their rising moans of ecstasy left no doubt.

He ground his teeth and sank his nails into his palms.

His wife was fucking someone.

Scalding anger ripped through him, tore at him, and for the split second before the ancient beast buried deep inside him surged to freedom and overwhelmed him, his wife’s cries of passion filled his head. Like acid poured into an open wound.

And then there was nothing except savage fury, driving hate, and hot, wet blood.

And soon, even those tenuous links to humanity were lost to the beast and nothing else mattered but the kill.

Chapter 1

The Rim of the Outer Boundaries

Zeric Arctos folded his arms across his broad chest and bit back a low curse, struggling to control his exasperation. His partner hadn’t been able to take his eyes off the beautiful Raavelian slave-girl since she’d entered the Suck and Blow Inn, and now she was walking right past them. Close enough for Jak’s highly attuned sense of smell to pick up the delicate scent of her perfume. He rolled his eyes, shooting his partner a quick look. Oh no, here we go again.

Jak Thorson was a sucker for Raavelian females. It had something to do, Zeric suspected, with the way they looked, like the gods of sexual torture and pleasure decided to create the perfect woman. Hypnotic violet eyes, smooth tight asses, breasts that filled a man’s hands to perfection, thick wavy hair that shined like spun silk, and long, shapely legs that just wouldn’t quit. Zeric moved his gaze to the slave girl walking past them, casting her a slow inspection. This one, well, this one was an excellent example of her species.

A hand slapped at Zeric’s shoulder and he flicked Jak another look, dismayed at what he saw on the Yrathian’s face.

Pure, unadulterated rapture.

This is not going to end well.

“I think I’m in love,” Jak murmured, tracking the Raavelian’s slow progress past them both.

Zeric turned back to the Suck and Blow’s filthy bar, waving down the droid serving behind it. “You fall in love every hour.”

“Yeah, but this one’s different.” Jak leaned away from the bar, watching the barely-dressed slave thread her way through the rowdy crowd.

Zeric nodded at the droid as it placed a whiskey shot in front of him. “They’re all different, Thorson.”

Jak stuck his elbows on the bar and grinned at Zeric, pale grey eyes glinting with what Zeric could only describe as lust. “Didn’t you see that mouth of hers? Those lips? And those eyes? Gods, Zeric, a man could drown in those eyes! I’ve never seen a Raavelian with green eyes before.”

Zeric let out a slow breath, fighting the urge to cast the slave girl one last look before she disappeared in the crowd. Jak was right. He’d never seen a Raavelian with green eyes either and he had to admit, they were damn striking. He hadn’t missed their unusual power, nor had he missed the soft fullness of the woman’s lips. They were the kind of lips made for kissing.

Jezu, Arctos, you’re getting as bad as Jak.

The disgusted thought made him scowl. When it came to women, his cock left well enough alone. It was safer that way. Unfortunately, when it came to women his partner was ruled by his cock. Thank Jezu Jak’s instincts ruled when they were on duty. Boundary Guardians couldn’t afford to be anything but switched on. If they weren’t, they were dead.

A sharp bang to Zeric’s left made him jump. He snapped his stare to Jak, his hand automatically blurring to his right hip.

Jak stood beside him, his palm flat on the bar’s surface, his grin replaced by a serious frown, the elaborate scars on his cheeks marking his Master Pleasurer status bone white. “I’m going after her,” he said.

Zeric gave his partner a hard look, returning his hand to his glass. It wouldn’t do any good for someone to see him reaching for his gun. Not yet, at least. “No you’re not.” He lifted his drink to his lips. “We’ve got a Bliss dealer to catch, remember.”

Jak let out a sharp sigh. “Yeah, you’re right.” He gave one more lingering look at the Raavelian, watching as she slipped with nimble grace between a group of drunken Ornithions. He returned his attention to Zeric, reluctance written all over his face. “But after we nail this bastard I’m coming back here and taking her away from all this shit.”

Zeric cocked an eyebrow. “And take her where? To The Reaper? A Boundary ship isn’t exactly the place for domestic bliss.”

Jak pulled a face, taking a quick gulp of his own drink, a vile Irithian concoction Zeric wondered how anyone could stomach. “Just ‘cause you’ve decided to be a lonely, miserable bastard for the rest of your life doesn’t mean I have. I don’t plan on being a Boundary Guardian forever, y’know.”

Zeric swallowed the sudden and far too unexpected lump in his throat. He looked at his reflection in the bar’s mirrored wall before turning away, the shadow in his eyes too tormenting. Being a Boundary Guardian forever hadn’t been on his list of planned situations either.

Neither had killing your—

“Hey!” Jak’s smooth voice cut over the dark thought, killing it immediately. “Looks like our friend’s just arrived.”

Zeric raised his glass to his mouth, checking out the raucous mob behind him in the bar’s filthy wall mirror. A Xolotlan barged through the crowd, mottled blue skin rippling over his enormous gut, his blunt snout and short tail both twitching nervously.

“Ugly bastard, isn’t he?” Jak said into his own glass.

Zeric unclipped his holster on his hip, freeing his gun for immediate use and straightened from the bar. Focused adrenaline filled his veins. Beside him, Jak seemingly adjusted his jacket, hands flicking briefly over his own weapons. He gave Zeric a slight nod—ready—and they moved into the packed bar, pushing through the unruly drunken patrons as they followed the Xolotlan toward the back rooms.

Zeric’s stomach knotted. It seemed their prey had a taste for the sex-dens. Jezu curse it.

He moved through the dank, narrow corridor, his fingers hovering over the hilt of his weapon, Jak close behind. The low moans and grunts wafting from the dark dens lining the passageway told him business was good for the Suck and Blow. His stomach knotted again, sour contempt in the back of his throat. If he didn’t have a Bliss dealer to shut down, he’d gladly spend the rest of the night fucking up the existence of more than one sex slaver operating from the inn.

A low growl rumbled in his chest and Zeric ground his teeth, locking his stare on the closing doorway through which the Xolotlan had disappeared. He had to keep his anger in check. He couldn’t do to let it get the better of him. Not tonight, not ever, no matter how much he wanted to. It wasn’t—

“Fucker’s locked the door.”

Jak’s mutter jerked Zeric’s stare from the closed entryway to the red light glowing above it.

“Do you think we should knock?”

Zeric cast his partner a quick look, knowing his glare told Jak now wasn’t the time for jokes. “Lyso knows we’re coming. He arranged the location, remember?”

Jak cocked an eyebrow. “Kick the door in then?”

The growl rumbled in Zeric’s chest again, far less human than it should be and he sank his nails into the palms of his hands. “Deactivate the lock, Thorson.”

Jak pulled a face, stepping around Zeric to flip open the door’s control mechanism. “You’re no fun anymore, Arctos.”

His fingers moved over the exposed circuitry with fluid ease before, with a clunk and a whirr, the door slid open.

As always, Zeric was the first in. In the time it took him to blink, he’d taken in the dimly lit sex-den and the situation unfolding within it and the knot in his stomach turned into rolling disgust.

The Raavelian slave-girl Jak had so quickly declared undying love for was on her knees, her luscious mouth wrapped around the Bliss dealer’s grotesque cock, her head bobbing up and down as she pleasured him with oral sex. The Xolotlan had his meaty hands tangled in her thick red hair, holding her head in place, a satisfied smirk on his round face as he watched her through heavy-lidded eyes.

Zeric ground his teeth, even as he forced his expression to remain indifferent. Damn, Jak isn’t going to like this.

Jak? It’s not making you want to smile, either.

Psy Lyso raised his attention from the woman at his feet and gave Zeric an indolent smile, his bloodshot gaze flicking over Zeric’s form. “Ho, Terran.” He removed a hand from the Raavelian’s hair and held it out, palm upward in a melodramatic show of welcome. “Come, join the entertainment.”

Sickened anger coated Zeric’s mouth and he curled his fingers around the butt of his gun just as Jak stepped into the den. Lyso’s bony eyebrow ridge shot up. “Two of you?” He turned his smirk to Jak. “A Yrathian Master Pleasurer at that? My, won’t this be fun.”

“Lyso.” Jak pushed past Zeric, the muscles in his arms and shoulders bunching. His distaste emanated from him in tangible waves and Zeric gripped his gun tighter. If Jak decided to shoot the fucker’s head off there and then—and it was entirely possible—their mission would be sunk. Zeric couldn’t have that—as much as he liked the idea of Psy Lyso’s existence obliterated from the planet.

He shot another look at the Raavelian. For a brief moment the overwhelming desire to rip her from Lyso’s cock, wrap her in his arms and take her away to some place safe burned through him.

A scowl creased his forehead. Get a grip, Arctos. Saving slave-girls isn’t your job. Grinding his teeth, he returned his attention to the Xolotlan. “Sorry to interrupt you while you’re busy. Maybe you should have locked the door.”

Pink, beady eyes drilled into him, Lyso’s stare far too thorough for his liking. “Funny,” the Xolotlan said. “I thought I did.”

Zeric shook his head, meeting the Bliss dealer’s gaze. “You have something for us, yes? Or did you just ask us to meet you here for the show?”

Lyso grunted, shifted his hips in the oral-pleasure chair and let off a flat fart. The female paused for a second, finely-muscled shoulders growing rigid. Another fierce wave of protective desire rolled through Zeric, unnerving him but he shoved it aside. If he didn’t he would pull his gun and shoot Lyso before Jak got a chance to even draw breath. He glared at the drug dealer. “Well?”

“Possibly. Depends on what you’re after.”

Before Zeric could open his mouth, Jak stepped forward, his face a mask of controlled rage. “We’ll take the Raavelian.”

Lyso’s eyes narrowed. “She’s not for sale.”

Jak tensed, but before he could reach for his gun, Zeric took charge of the situation. They were posing as Bliss buyers—pulling a weapon when a fuck-wit wouldn’t sell his slave wasn’t part of the cover. “Get the Raavelian off your prick and cough up the product, Lyso. We haven’t travelled to this shit-hole of a planet to stand here and watch you get a blow job.”

That same intense, thorough stare drilled into Zeric again and he ground his teeth. Something felt wrong. Like you’re being played?

“I tell you what, Terran,” Lyso said, flashing his teeth in what Zeric assumed was meant to be a smile. “While you and I do business your Yrathian hothead friend beside you can entertain himself with the bitch in another den. How’s that sound? Save us all the distraction?” He slid his gaze to Jak, giving him a smutty sneer. “Be warned though. Master Pleasurer or not, she’ll suck your dick right off if you’re not careful.”

Jak snarled and Zeric shot him a warning look: You can fuck him up later. Play along for now. He turned back to Lyso, not even trying to hide his disgust for the Xolotlan. “Deal,” he said. “Now let’s see the product.”

“Excellent.” Lyso smacked his palms together over the Raavelian’s bare back. “I knew you boys would be smart business.” His smile stretched wider and again, a dark sense of foreboding rippled through Zeric. Something was definitely up. He gave Jak another quick glance, letting his apprehension show in his eyes: Be careful.

With a rough shove, Lyso dislodged the Raavelian from between his legs. “Get off, slave,” he barked, giving her hair a hard yank. “Go show the Master Pleasurer how it’s really done.”

The female stood, eyes downcast, long red hair hiding her face. Zeric’s gut twisted again, something about the situation telling him something was not right. But what? He quickly flicked his gaze over her slim, nubile body, searching for a weapon. Where she would hide it dressed as she was in typical slave attire—short, diaphanous loin cloth and nothing else—was beyond him, but something was making him uneasy and it had nothing to do with the unexpected, powerful desire to run his hands over her naked breasts, down her torso and over her belly to the sweet heat between her thighs. If she did have a weapon hidden there, Jak would be the one to find it, not him. He knew his partner well. Jak would search the slave all over—from head to toe—just to be sure before he did anything else.

An image of Jak doing just that flittered through his head, his partner’s palms cupping those gloriously heavy breasts, his fingers skimming up the length of those smooth, toned thighs and for a split second, hot jealousy stabbed through Zeric. He jerked his gaze from the Raavelian, giving Jak a level look instead, hoping to Jezu Jak could keep his lust under control. “This won’t take long,” he said with a sharp nod. “Have fun.”

* * * *

Jaienna Ti followed the tall Yrathian down the grimy corridor to the next vacant den, anger simmering through her. The blowjob hadn’t been long enough to achieve anything. Psy Lyso, the vile piece of excrement, had been too caught up in his power trip to let her tongue work its magic. If she’d had another minute though… She’d felt his mind weakening as the swollen head of his cock pushed against the back of her throat. Another minute would have been all she needed to plant the suggestion.

Fuck it. She’d have to finish the job later. Besides, when he wasn’t preoccupied trying to flaunt his power in front of the Terran and Yrathian, she’d have a better shot of getting in his mind. So far the Xolotlan had been too focused on his up-coming Bliss deal to be too worked up about her but that wouldn’t last. If tonight’s transaction went the way he wanted it to, she suspected she’d be chained to the nearest whipping post with that hideous blue cock of his rammed between her thighs before she could blink. As sickened as the thought made her, it was exactly what she waited for. One short orgasm from Lyso was all she needed. Just one. In fact, she preferred the idea of not having his dick in her mouth again.

She turned her attention to the Yrathian leading her to another sex-den. His dick in her mouth, on the other hand… She let her gaze roam over his broad back, liking what she saw. His blood-red leather jacket did little to hide the smooth, strong muscles that rippled as he walked, and the snug black pants only emphasized how tight his butt was.

She rolled her neck and licked her lips, noting the sculpted muscles in his arms. Hmmm. Appealing. She should say thank you to Lyso. The very act required to bury a suggestion in the Yrathian’s mind meant she’d have a whole lot of fun. It had been a long time since she’d partaken in any kind of sexual activity for fun. A long time. Not since Raq Tornada—

Jaienna killed the thought before it could take hold of her heart and make her truly angry, returning her focus to the Yrathian before her. She was curious about who he and his partner really were. Nothing either of them could say or do would make her believe they were Bliss dealers, no matter how convincing their act, and if they were interested in Psy Lyso she was interested in them.

An image of the Terran popped into her mind—tall and dark, with strangely golden eyes and a hard body made for killing. A pulse in her neck fluttered and she drew in a short breath, her pussy pumping with a sudden warm rush of lust.

Her steps faltered and she bit back a soft curse. Since when did she get all hot and horny over some male? She didn’t. Not anymore.

Shaking her head, she shoved the Terran from her mind. She was used to lethal games—it was her old job, after all—but something about that man sent a shiver down her spine. There was something frightening about him. Something…hidden.

Something exciting too.

“Here’s an empty one.” The Yrathian’s smooth voice jerked her back from the disturbing thought. Like all male Yrathians, his cheeks bore the scars of his adolescent sexual initiation, an ancient tradition which marked a boy’s coming of age—the more complex the pattern, the greater sexual prowess. The scarring that marred his cheeks not only marked him as a Master Pleasurer, but was the most intricate she’d seen. Finding out his true identity was going to be very enjoyable. Another ripple of excitement threaded through her. Her sex contracted in anticipation but before she could take a step into the vacant sex-den, an image of the disturbing Terran again flashed through her head again.

“I won’t bite.”

Jaienna started, her pulse racing. She blinked, confused. “I’m sorry, sir?”

The Yrathian stood waiting at the den’s dark entrance, a worried expression on his face, clear grey eyes studying her. “I don’t know how that bastard treats you, but I promise I won’t hurt you.” He gave her a warm smile, scars glowing like mercury on his utterly handsome face. “In fact, I’d like to do the complete opposite.”

Jaienna frowned. “Which is what?”

Perfect white teeth glinted in the corridor’s dim lighting as he smiled. “Why don’t you let me show you.”

* * * *

Zeric watched Lyso withdraw a small portable holo-box from the voluminous folds of a coat thrown over the back of the oral pleasure chair, the sour stench of old sex curling through his nose. It made him on edge, and for reasons he didn’t want to examine conjured the memory of the Raavelian slave into his mind. For a split second he wondered if Jak already had his tongue buried in her sex and another shard of acrid jealousy stabbed into his chest. He ground his teeth, capturing the growl in his throat before it could make a sound.

What the fuck are you doing, Arctos? Focus.

He pulled in a deep breath, forcing his energy back on the mission. Their orders from Boundary Command were simple: take out Psy Lyso. Once Lyso revealed the drug Zeric would neutralize him and bring him in for interrogation. If the Xolotlan didn’t cooperate the Boundary Command white-coats would be called in to extract the location of his supplier from his brain and Zeric and Jak would have a new target. How the white-coats went about extracting that information Zeric didn’t really want to know. As long as it was extremely painful his conscience could live with it.

With a snide chuckle, the Xolotlan placed the holo-box on the oral pleasure chair’s seat and pressed his thumb to the activation key. A soft click emanated from the device, almost inaudible, and then a small vial of shining purple liquid appeared, floating just above the top of the holo-box. Lyso’s eyebrow ridge twitched as he looked at Zeric. “I’ve over two hundred. Ready for you as we speak.”

Zeric studied the image of the deadly drug, every muscle in his body coiled. He needed to see an actual vial, not just a holo one. “How much?”

“Fifty thousand.”

“I want them. Now.”

Lyso clicked off the holo-box and straightened, lips curling into a smug grin. “I never doubted you would. But first, I want to know who you really are.”

* * * *

The Yrathian, Jak, lay strapped to the X-Zone bed, his body covered in a faint sheen of sweat. His muscles bulged as he strained against the hard leather shackles pinning his wrists and ankles to the submission bed. “Oh, fucking holy shit,” he ground out as Jaienna ran her tongue over his balls. She gently sucked one into the wet cavity of her mouth. “Gods of Urik, woman, what are you doing to me?”

With a small flick of her tongue, she stabbed at the highly sensitive knot of flesh just below his rigid cock’s head. Another raw groan escaped his throat and she engulfed his cock with her mouth, rolling its girth gently between her teeth.

“Ah, fuck, I’m going to come.”

A shudder of anticipation vibrated through her at his raw confession, flooding her pussy with wet heat. Just as she expected, the sex was impressive and she understood now why his cheeks were so elaborately scarred. He’d given her much pleasure in their short time in the den, his tongue and hands very adept, but the powerful surge of ecstasy coursing through her body now had nothing to do with Jak’s touch.

“I’m going to…” Jak panted, muscles quivering, breath ragged. “I’m going to…” His hips bucked up, once, twice, his balls rising. “Fuck, I’m going to come. I’m going to fucking…”

Jaienna readied her psyche and on the Yrathian’s groaned “come”, slipped into his mind.

After you orgasm you will tell me who you and your partner are and what you really want with Psy Lyso.

The command was short. Planted commands from blowjobs always had to be to the point. Any longer and the suggestion would fade from his mind before his seed finished pumping from his cock.

Her words buried deep in the Yrathian’s mind, Jaienna slipped one hand around the base of his stiff cock. It was time to finish. She drew the tip of her index finger up to his ass and placed it on his tight sphincter, pressing slightly. He arched against the table, breath heaving in his chest. As his muscles tensed and his balls contracted, she withdrew her mouth from his length in one long, slow sucking slide.

“Ahh, holy shit!” he burst out, slamming his hips upward in erratic thrusts. A streaming jet of cum spurted from his cock across her hand and splashed onto his thighs.

A small smile curved at Jaienna’s lips and she took a step backward, her fingers stroking the sensitive flesh high on his inner thigh as she did so. She knew what would happen next. It would take a couple of seconds for him to catch his breath, during which she would unfasten his shackles. He would sit up and tell her how beautiful she was, or how that was the most amazing blowjob he’d ever had, or—if she was really unlucky—that he was madly in love with her. Then, without any prompting—and as long as they weren’t interrupted—he’d tell her exactly what she wanted to know: who he and the Terran were, why they were pretending to be Bliss buyers and what they were planning to do with Lyso.

She reached for the leather straps on his wrists, letting her breasts brush against his face, just to give the plant an extra kick. His mouth latched onto one of her nipples and he gave it a sharp bite. A little zing of heat stabbed into her pussy at the unexpected nip and she suppressed a swift breath, stepping away from him to let him sit up.

With a sped she had to admit was impressive, he slid his arms around her waist and pulled her down onto his lap. “Gods, woman,” he murmured, gazing into her eyes. “I knew I was in love the second I saw you.”

She stared at him, dismay sinking into her belly. Oh no, he’s one of those.

He stared at her, silent, his palms smoothing over her back in gentle caresses.

Jaienna remained motionless in his embrace, chewing on her bottom lip. Waiting for her suggestion to kick in. Come on. Come on.

He tugged her closer, lips curling into a smile of sheer joy…until the muscles in his face relaxed and his eyes became distant. Almost vacant.

Yes. Jaienna stiffened, knowing exactly what would happen next. Here it comes.

The Yrathian opened his mouth, gazing at her with blank eyes. “Zeric and I are Boun—”

The den’s door slammed open, the imposing Terran charging into the small room, a lethal pulse pistol gripped in one hand. “On your feet, Jak!” he snarled, stopping at the foot of the bed. “It’s time to go.” He flicked a quick look over her, his strange eyes—more gold than ever—unreadable. The sound of a furious Xolotlan squeal shattered the quiet of the den and the Terran raised his gun, a bleak grin stretching his mouth. “Kiss the slave goodbye, partner. We’ve gotta go. Now!”

Chapter 2

Jak didn’t move. For a second.

The hesitation was so out of character, Zeric frowned. He shot another look at the slave girl sitting on his partner’s lap, ignoring the way his cock twitched at her naked perfection. Agitation glinted in her unusual green eyes. Agitation and frustration.

He turned back to Jak, gripping his pulse pistol tighter. “Come on, mate. Let’s go.”

Jak blinked and shook his head, his eyes bright and clear, as if he’d just come out of a trance. “Zeric?” His arms curled around the Raavelian with obvious possession, holding her closer to his body. “What’s up?”

“Time’s up. We gotta go,” Zeric repeated, anger threading through his patience. What the hell was Jak’s problem? Had the woman fucked his brains out?

He gave the slave a longer look, once again fighting with the rising interest in his groin. With the exception of the gold slave collar around her throat, she was as naked as the day she was born, even the ridiculously skimpy loincloth was nowhere to be seen.

Jezu, she’s got a gorgeous body.

The thought was both exciting and distracting. He bit back a curse, glaring at the Raavelian. The last thing he or Jak could afford right at the moment was a distraction.

He moved his stare back to his partner and scowled. By the intimate way Jak’s arms wrapped around her, as if he cradled the most precious object created, Zeric figured a distraction was exactly what he had on his hands. He hefted his gun higher. Shit.

Another screeching yell rent the air, sending a chill up Zeric’s spine. Double shit.

Jak leapt to his feet, pulling the slave-girl closer to his body. “Is that Lyso?” He gave Zeric a stunned look. “What the fuck happened? Do you have the—”

Zeric shook his head, unable to hide his scowl. “I’ll fill you in on The Reaper. C’mon, partner, we gotta go.”

Jak’s jaw muscles bunched. “I’m not leaving Jaienna.”

Zeric bit back a low growl, the sound emanating from deep within his soul. Great. Now she has a name. “Jak—” he began, but the Raavelian cut him off, those green eyes of hers flashing like Urantian jade as she pulled out of Jak’s strong embrace.

“I’m not going anywhere. I belong to Psy Lyso.”

“Not any more you don’t,” Jak snapped back, jerking on his trousers. He grabbed his jacket from the floor and pulled his translocator from a hidden pocket. “You’ll be safe with me.” He reached for her, but she stepped away from him, her movements far more fluid and nimble than Zeric expected from a simple slave-girl.

A dark sensation stirred in the pit of his gut. Foreboding and—Jezu save him—familiar.

The Raavelian jutted out her chin and took another step away from Jak. “I can look after myself.”

Jak looked ready to argue, but Zeric had had enough. “Jak, she’s not yours. Get over it. We’ve got to go. I’ve found out where Lyso’s supplier is, but we’ve gotta get out of here. Now.” He reached for his own translocator tucked into its concealed compartment in his waistband, and let out a snarled curse as a disrupter blast ripped through the air above his head.

The door burst inward, shattered into splinters by the energy blast. Zeric spun, yanking his gun from its holster, just in time to see Lyso charging through the gaping hole where the door had stood a micro-second earlier, disrupter waving about his head. Blood pissed from a gaping wound on the Xolotlan’s cheek, painting his blue skin a sickening green, dripping from his chins in rivelets. “Gonna fucking kill—”.

Jak yanked one of his guns—discarded no doubt, when overcome with lust for the Raavelian—from the den’s side bench and fired at the Xolotlan.

The blinding-white lecto-pulse punched into the Bliss dealer’s chest, spraying his chins and face in fresh blood, flinging him back against the far wall in a squealing arc. He slammed against the fibra-sheeting with a wet thud, the sound of his flabby body’s abrupt halt turning Zeric’s stomach.

“Fuck!” Zeric spat, watching Lyso slump to the grimy floor. He shot his partner a narrow-eyed glare, barely controlling his anger. “Get outta here, Jak. Now.”

He snatched his translocator from his waistband, throwing the naked Raavelian a quick look. Sharp guilt stabbed at his chest at the surprised look on her beautiful face, but he shut it from his mind before it could affect him. “Sorry, princess, but you’re on your own now.”

Jaienna flung herself across the room, her arms wrapping around his torso in a crushing embrace, her stare meeting his. “No,” she whispered, “I’m not.”

And before he could do anything but suck in a breath, she activated his translocator and sent them both hurtling through space.


Jaienna kept her arms locked tight around the Terran’s hard body, burying her head under his chin. She pulled in a long, deep breath, his scent flowing through her nose and into her lungs.

Gods, he smells good.

“You can let go now.”

Zeric’s voice rumbled low in his chest, thrumming against her cheek. A little shiver ran up her spine at the coarse-velvet timbre of each word and she closed her eyes for a split second. She could let go now, but did she really want to?


His voice vibrated through her. Her nipples pinched into tight peaks, rubbing against the cool leather of his jacket and sending shooting jolts of heat straight to her pussy. She liked the sound of his voice. A lot.

Careful, girl. Remember what you’re doing here. Getting horny over a male’s hard body isn’t part of the game plan.

She had a mission to achieve. She had to focus on that.

Yeah, but this guy knows where Lyso’s supplier is and that is the game plan. Besides, something tells me he’d be an awesome fuck.

Jaienna’s pussy fluttered at that last devilish thought and she smiled against his chest. Whatever it was that told her the Terran would be an amazing sexual partner, also told her seducing him would be dangerous, but as long as she focused purely on the sex, she should be fine. All she needed was one good, long orgasm from him—the more powerful the better—and she’d have what she needed. Once she’d planted her suggestion he presented no danger to her any more. Who knew, maybe after that she could indulge in some gratuitous fucking for a while—at least until he took her exactly where she wanted to go. If she really wanted to get extravagant, she could include the Yrathian. It had been a long time since she’d partaken in a threesome for the fun of it and she had to admit, she missed sex for “the fun of it” She hadn’t had sex for “the fun of it” since…

Shutting down the unwanted thought, she pressed her body closer to his, unable to miss his steely hard-on jutting into her belly. Her pussy gave another little spasm and the tops of her thighs grew wet with anticipation. There was no denying it—she looked forward to fucking his brains out soon.

Why wait? Now, would be nice.

Smoothing her hands from around his back, she ran them over his chest, the snug, supple leather of his shirt making his nipples easy to find. She stroked each one with her fingertips and was rewarded with a sharp intact of air through his teeth. And a nudging poke against her belly from his stiff cock. She smiled, lifting her head to gaze up at his face.

Hard, amber-gold eyes looked down at her. Studying her with piercing intensity, their amber depths unlike any humans’ she’d seen before. They were hypnotic. And scary.

Too scary.

Her pulse suddenly pounding in her neck, she stepped back, eager to be away from him but his arms whipped around her ribcage with frightening speed, trapping her against his firm body. “Uh-uh, Raavelian. Not until you tell me what you’re playing at?”

She stared up at him, her pulse growing wilder. His eyes refused to let hers go. They seemed to bore into her very soul. Delving. Seeking. If she didn’t stop him soon she feared he’d know every secret she possessed without her saying a single word.

No. Not good. Not good. Get away now.

“Nothing.” She struggled to keep her voice more than a husky whisper. “I’m not playing at anything.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“It’s true.” She fought to control her heart. Curse it, what the fuck was wrong with her?

His nostrils flared, his gaze holding her as imprisoned as his arms. “There’s no way you’re a simple slave.”

The thick ridge of his erection pressed against her belly, taunting her. She wanted to groan. He was as turned on as she, yet nothing in his eyes told her he was as intimidated.

A hot rope of anger knotted in her chest. She’d never been intimidated by a man before. Gods, she’d never been intimidated period. “Let me go. I was hoping to escape one sleazy prick, not be groped by another.” She fidgeted in his arms, the action doing little except rub her body harder against his. Drawing her attention all too easily to the impressive cock trapped between their stomachs.

“Grope?” Zeric’s nostrils flared again. “I’m pretty certain I saw you doing the groping back in the Suck and Blow.”

The knot of anger in her chest rolled tighter and she raised an eyebrow. “What? Disappointed it was Jak Lyso gave me to and not you? You reckon you could fuck as well as the Master Pleasurer? I don’t see your scars, Terran.”

Those unnerving amber eyes flickered, the black pupils in their center dilating and Jaienna’s pulse kicked up a notch. Gods, girl, what are you trying to do here? Provoke him? You need him, remember? You need to get in his head and to do that you need to fuck him. Or at least make him come. How are you going to do that when he looks like a wild animal about to—

He kissed her.

His mouth captured hers, tongue lashing with a fierceness she’d never experienced before. Heat flooded through her and before she knew what she was doing, she returned his kiss, the sweet wetness of his mouth making her groan. His teeth pulled at her bottom lip, demanding and taking more and she gave it, sucking his tongue deeper into her mouth as she snared fistfuls of his hair and dragged his head down harder.

A low growl sounded in his throat—deep and purely bestial. His hands scored down her back and grabbed her ass, yanking her hips against his straining cock with such force she knew she would bear a bruise later. But she didn’t care. Squirming, twisting hunger ripped through her, pinching her nipples into painful peaks of flesh, making her sex pulse and throb and clench for a cock that wasn’t there.

Oh holy fuck.

With a savage snarl, Zeric thrust her away from him, and she stumbled slightly, her eyes flinging to his face, confused. He was on her before she could regain balance, one arm snaking around her back, stopping her from falling. His free hand found her right breast, squeezing, rubbing and pulling with delicious pressure, his fingers flicking and pinching her nipple. A jolt of hot tension speared through her core and she whimpered.

Another growl rumbled in his chest, the sound sending a shiver down Jaienna’s spine all the way to her toes. His mouth latched onto her neck, teeth nipping at the sensitive flesh below her jaw. She sucked in a swift breath and grabbed at his shoulders, holding him still as his lips burned a path over her collarbone to her free nipple.

He sank his teeth hard into the aching nub of flesh and pain shot through her, from her breast to her sex. Red-hot pain that flooded her pussy with creamy moisture.

He raised his head, eyes burning into hers. “I want to fuck you right now.”

His voice was a raw growl, his breath ragged and short. Her skin rippled as a tingle ran up her back. “Then what’s stopping you?”

“Ah…” Another male voice cut in, “Did you forget something?”

She tensed, but before she could move Zeric spun around, pulse-rifle in his hand, so fast the action was just a blur. Jaienna blinked. Gods, he’s quick.

Jak stood on the translocator pad next to them, bare-chested, jacket slung over one arm and a sardonic scowl on his face. “Sons of Urik, partner,” he raised his eyebrows at Zeric. “When you decide to make a move, you don’t fuck around, do you?” He shot Jaienna a guarded look. “Actually, that’s exactly what you were planning to do, wasn’t it?”

For a tense moment, no one moved. Jaienna could feel Zeric’s hammering heart against her breast and his steel-hard cock against her crotch. Her own heart wasn’t exactly a regular beat and her pussy was wetter than the Raavelian Sea. She pulled in a long breath and her nose filled with Zeric’s scent—clean, musky. Dangerous.

Disengaging herself from his hold, she took a backward step off the translocator pad. “I should leave you.” She dropped her eyes, the subservient slave once more. She had to get away from Zeric for a moment. She had to get her body under control, otherwise who knows what she’d plant in the Terran’s mind. Sliding her eyes to Jak, she gave him an innocent seductive smile. “Will you show me where I’ll sleep until—”

“Not so fast, Jaienna.”

Zeric’s low voice cut her short. Another shiver shot down her spine—one that had nothing to do with sexual excitement. She turned her eyes his way. His expression was fierce. And his gun was now trained on her.

“I want to know why you changed your mind back on Ornith.”


Jak gave Zeric a confused—and somewhat impatient—frown. “What do you mean, why did she change her mind? She was a slave. Now she’s not. And just in case you’ve forgotten, we were being shot at!”

Zeric’s intense stare stayed fixed on Jaienna. “I think you’re letting your cock do your thinking, partner.”

Jak’s expression turned cold. “Hold on there, Zeric—”

“Use your brain, Jak.” Zeric cut him off, the pulse-rifle never wavering from her chest. “She had no desire to come with us until she heard me mention Lyso’s contact.” His eyes narrowed. “I’ll ask you again, Jaienna. Why are you here?”

Jaienna raised her chin and gave Zeric a steady look. Because I’m an Intel-Patrol Corp assassin and you can take me to my next target. “Because I didn’t want to stay with Lyso. And Jak told me he loved me.”

Zeric’s expression didn’t change. “Bullshit.”

Jak looked at his partner, and then at her. Cold suspicion filled his face and, almost as quick as Zeric, his pulse-rifle was in his hand.

Aimed at her.

Zeric studied her over the barrel of his gun, trying his best to ignore just how fuckable she was. Thank Jezu Jak had turned up and brought him back to his senses. Otherwise they’d be on the floor right now, his tongue down her throat, his hands on her ass and his cock buried up to his balls in her pussy. “Cuff her.”

The Raavelian stood between them both, her naked flesh like creamy velvet under the muted light, her palms facing outward in a show of surrender. Her attention darted around the room, as if she sort an escape route. She was cornered and she knew it.

Zeric narrowed his eyes. Let’s see how she reacts

With one quick unreadable glance his way, she focused on Jak, eyes beseeching. “Jak, please…”

Without a word, Jak pulled a pair of io-cuffs from his back pocket and stepped toward her. For a second, Zeric thought she was going to fight—the fine muscles in her body coiled and at the sight, his cock gave a sharp twinge. Whoever she was—and in no way did he believe she was a slave any more—her body was the stuff of fantasies. She was physically perfect. Smooth, toned, fit. And ready to kick his and Jak’s ass to the five heavens.

Zeric stared at her over his gun. She may be lying about who she was, but there was one thing she hadn’t lied about on Ornith—even naked it was evident she knew how to look after herself.

“Careful, Jak.” He gripped his gun tighter, trying to ignore his growing hard-on. The sooner he got Jaienna into The Reaper’s brig the better. Five seconds of holding her against his body and he’d been ready to fuck her brains out. That was just plain dangerous.

Jaienna turned her eyes back to him, their intense green depths swimming with an emotion he couldn’t quite make out. Fear? Panic?


Whatever she was feeling, she didn’t move when Jak stepped behind her and grabbed her wrists, bringing them together in one of his large hands. With a quick flick, the io-cuffs were snapped shut, the humming bands of white energy trapping her arms behind her back. The position thrust her breasts forward and under the muted down lights of the translocator bay, the dusty pink of her nipples were impossible to miss.

A jolt of tight tension shot to Zeric’s cock at the sight. “Take her to the brig, Jak,” he ordered, refusing to let his stare move from hers. He knew where they would go if he did, what they would see—smooth golden skin, tight nipples, full breasts, flat stomach, trimmed coppery bush, long long legs… his cock jerked again. If either Jaienna or Jak looked close enough they’d see just how fucking horny he was. He had to get her out of his sight. Now.

A slight nod of his head and Jak moved, curling his fingers around her upper arm. Scarred face a mix of anger and confusion, he led her from the translocator pad. Zeric watched them go and, just as they disappeared through the bay’s door, unable to control himself any more, he dropped his gaze to her ass.

Immediately his cock sprung into rigid, serious life. Oh, Jezu, I shouldn’t have done that.

End of Extended Sample

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