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The Cull | Midnight Shifters | Lion Kings

The Cull - A Paranormal Romance Series

The Cull. . .humans who have fallen on hard times are invited to become part of the lycanosapien tribes--to become werewolves.

Claimed By the Alpha

The Cull, Book 1

Twenty years ago, Anna fell in love with Conor Evans at the wrong place and in the wrong time. She'd had to make the toughest decision she'd ever faced--and let him go. Now at the end of her life, he's offering her a chance to finally follow her heart. Word Count: 15,500 | Heat Level: 4

Protected By the Alpha

The Cull, Book 2

Braden Jackson wants Eve Taylor from the moment he sees her naked and confident, strolling around the tribe’s lands in the Ozark Mountains. The newly culled female is the only woman—human or lycanosapien—who makes him want to howl. There's only one problem. And his name is Tom Ellis. Word Count: 13,500 | Heat Level: 4

Ravished By the Alpha

The Cull, Book 3

Single by choice, werewolf Lizzy Langston has never been a fan of Christmas. But when Coy Vega chooses her tribe's lands to hide from the drug cartel it will take a miracle to survive below freezing temperatures, Colombian hit men, an accidental culling, and each other. Word Count: 21,500 | Heat Level: 4

Midnight Shifters - A Paranormal Romance Series

Scorching love stories full of intrigue, hot alpha males, shifters, and things that go bump in the night!

Midnight Shift

Midnight Shifters, Book 1

When Other Worlder monsters start hunting slayer Benoica Dilian, she enlists the sexy genius Ian and the hot telepathic werewolf Trace to help find out who is trying to kill her--and why. But as the investigation takes them deep into the Other Worlder community, Benie discovers a dark truth that may well destroy her. Word Count: 65,500 | Heat Level: 3

The Bear Witch Project

Midnight Shifters, Book 2

What happens when a curvy witch finds herself in bear territory? Solange Tremaine is about to find out, thanks to bear shifter Ty Wasape.Ty knows bears and witches are natural enemies, but Solange Tremaine may be his undoing. Word Count: 14,000 | Heat Level: 3

A Door to Midnight

Midnight Shifters, Book 3

In order to satisfy her irresponsible father's vast gambling debts, Emily Henley agrees to be a live-in companion for the casino's owner--the mysterious billionaire recluse Marcus Tsavaras. She soon learns why Marcus hides from the world: he is a two-headed beast of legend, a chimera. Word Count: 19,500 | Heat Level: 3

A Shade of Midnight

Midnight Shifters, Book 4

Empath Mina Vail spent the last two years trying to forget her time as an assassin for Caledon's ex-king and move on with her life in the human world. Now she runs a security business that doesn't involve killing anyone (most of the time), she has good friends she can count on, and she keeps her relationships easy and carefree. Word Count: 40,000 | Heat Level: 3

Midnight Before Christmas

Midnight Shifters, Book 5

When Max Gray is sent on a secret mission to Minnesota, the dragon shifter blows his supernatural cover to rescue champion figure skater Rachel Campbell. Even though Max must investigate other worlder vigilantes to insure his queen's safety, Max can't resist Rachel. Word Count: 20,500 | Heat Level: 3

Lion Kings - A Historical Paranormal Romantic Suspense Series

They are not blood, but experience has made them brothers. They are not gentle, but suffering has made them kind. They are not possessions, but love has made them mine.

The Lion Kings

Lion Kings, Book 1

Madeline Granger has been overwhelmed by an almost magnetic pull that has kept her traveling all over the Midwest and erotically dreaming of two men. But after she meets the two men who shouldn't exist outside her own mind, it's hard for her to reconcile that her dream lovers are two very real and sexy men, not imaginary. Word Count: 49,000 | Heat Level: 3


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