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The Cull | Midnight Shifters | Lion Kings

The Cull

A Paranormal Romance series

Claimed By the Alpha, Book 1

The Cull only happens every 80 to 100 years. The last Cull took placed during the Great Depression. When Anna is chosen for the cull, Conor makes his claim. A sensual tale of star crossed lovers featuring explosive passion, a determined alpha, and his reluctant curvy mate!
Word Count: 15,500 | Heat Level: 4

Protected By the Alpha, Book 2

The Cull continues.Braden knew the moment he saw Eve, he'd do anything to protect her. Renee George pens an action- packed story, which will keep you turning the pages. A fiery hot love story full of intrigue, a gorgeous alpha, a curvy heroine, and a stalker determined to foil their happiness!
Word Count: 13,500 | Heat Level: 4

Ravished By the Alpha, Book 3

The Cull. . .humans who have fallen on hard times are invited to become part of the lycanosapien tribes--to become werewolves. Renee George weaves a passionate tale of romance and suspense that will make your heart race and your ovaries jump for joy. Book 3 of The Cull series will not disappoint!
Word Count: 21,500 | Heat Level: 4

Midnight Shifters

A Paranormal Romance series

Midnight Shift, Book 1

As a small child, Benoica Dilian is groomed to be a hunter and slayer of other world monsters, and protector of the human race. An action packed novel of mystery, romance, and love, which will keep you turning the pages of this scorching love story full of intrigue, hot alpha males, shifters, and things that go bump in the night!
Word Count: 65,500 | Heat Level: 3

The Bear Witch Project, Book 2

An action packed mystery that will have you on the edge of your seat. With scorching love scenes, this BBW paranormal shifter romance will have you begging for air conditioning…it’s that hot! Book 2 of Midnight Shifters is sure to be a favorite addition to your romance library.
Word Count: 14,000 | Heat Level: 3

A Door to Midnight, Book 3

Monsters, mystery, and magic combine in this action packed paranormal romance, Book 3 in the Midnight Shifters series. When destiny knocks at your door after midnight... you let him in!
Word Count: 19,500 | Heat Level: 3

A Shade of Midnight, Book 4

Secrets from the past never stay in the past...or do they? A thrilling paranormal mystery that will have you turning the pages from beginning to end. Book 4 of the Midnight Shifters series is sure to be a favorite addition to your paranormal romance library.
Word Count: 40,000 | Heat Level: 3

Midnight Before Christmas, Book 5

A spine-tingling adventure of dragon shifters, secrets, and romance you won't be able to put down! This holiday paranormal romance from Renee George is a winner. This paranormal dragon shifter romance contains magic, supernatural beings, and romantic suspense and is sure to keep you turning the pages from beginning to end.
Word Count: 20,500 | Heat Level: 3

Lion Kings

A Historical Paranormal Romantic Suspense series

The Lion Kings, Book 1

They are not blood, but experience has made them brothers. They are not gentle, but suffering has made them kind. They are not possessions, but love has made them mine. A fantastic tale of one curvy psychic, two alpha lion shifters, and a sexy adventure that will keep you turning the pages. From mystery to shifters and ménage to werelions, this scorching hot historical romance will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Word Count: 49,000 | Heat Level: 3


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  • 0 = General Audience - 13+
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  • 2 = Sensual love scenes - 17+
  • 3 = Explicit love scenes, adult language - 18+
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  • 5 = Graphic love scenes, adult language, subject matter some readers may consider objectionable - 18+